Eugene Residents Enjoy Alton Baker

A cloudless blue sky and 60-degree weather send a warm invitation for visitors of Alton Baker City Park Tuesday afternoon.

Alton Baker City Park, Eugene, OR

A well-fed chocolate lab buries his nose in a pile of fallen leaves, his owner tries to free his leash tangled around his hind legs.

A pack of runners jog along the park’s perimeter.

Even though the sun is in plain sight, the air is cool on the skin and it is drastically colder in the shadows of the many trees throughout the park.

A group of teenagers race by on BMX bikes, the leader yelling back to one of his friends over the music playing in his headphones.

“Let’s go over to Quizno’s,” he shouts over his shoulder. The trio picks up the pace along the paved trail, apparently anxious to reach their sandwich-toasting destination.

A young couple follows their busy toddler around a patch of lawn, watching him place his hands on the cold ground. They patiently accompany him as he hurries over to a small tree and inspects its lowest branches.

An older gentleman with a long white beard stands at the edge of a manmade pond, fixated on the water play of various birds.

It’s almost 6 pm; the park is slowly losing some of its guests.

The bearded man loses his interest in the birds and wanders off. The toddler is scooped up into his father’s arms, and the family heads out of the park and down the walking trail.

The air is significantly cooler now, and a gust of wind suggests that tonight is going to be cold. The shadows of the trees are more pronounced now, and the park is seemingly empty. The sun has almost disappeared on the horizon, and the temperature is dropping.

Street lights turn on, signaling that the evening has arrived.

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