Starbucks and Brew

By Dylan Coleman

The aroma of coffee beans from around the world fill the air, the constant grinding of coffee beans overpowers the voices of the of the coffee drinkers. The smell of fresh hops now circulates through the air and you wonder does this coffee shop have beer on tap?

Starbucks has been selling coffee for close to forty years now is making a drastic change to help increase their yearly revenue. It all started in Seattle where it first began, where the CEO’s have been trying to think of new ways to increase profit since the sudden influx in coffee shops around the U.S. and facing major competition from McDonald’s as well as Burger King.

It won’t be your typical place to get a beer but the environment will offer more than your average pub. Not only will they be selling beer Starbucks also plans on selling wine and having a variety of cheeses to choose from while you relax in their newly revamp store.

Now the questions is raised, “is Starbucks a place that should sell wine and beer?” For most beer drinkers, they wouldn’t step foot into a Starbucks to buy a pint. Why you ask? Well for one it doesn’t provide the feeling that a pub has or your local sports bar, it’s filled with yuppie business people and doesn’t have the adequate feeling of a pub.

Only time will tell how successful Starbucks will be at selling wine and beer but history has shown us that if any corporation can do it than Starbucks can.

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