Back From the Sci-Fi Past

It has been a busy week in the Sci-Fi world, with news ranging from movies made 25 years ago to shows that may make a comeback.

The week started with a blast from the past with news on Back to the Future. Yahoo ran an article by The Hollywood Reporter about the trilogies 25th anniversary Blu-Ray coming out later this month. It was announced that Michael J. Fox was not the first Marty McFly. For the first five weeks of filming Eric Stoltz played McFly, before director and co-writer Robert Zemeckis changed the actor for the role.

This was not the only development for the trilogy this week. On the same day Spike released a shot for shot remake of the original trailer for 2010 Scream awards. An article on reported that “Fox will reunite on stage with his movie mother Lea Thompson and movie girlfriend Elisabeth Shue during the show.”

Doctor Who, a long running British Sci-Fi has also made waves this week. and as well as numerous other blogs and websites sparked a controversy over the BBC recent announcement about the series. It has long been thought that the Doctor as well as other Time Lords could only regenerate a max of 12 times, as episodes of 1976 said. However in 1969 it was said they are immortal. Some as the Guardian reported fell this goes against the long running plot, as well as an anticipated end which some long time viewer have in a way been looking forward to. Doing this however would allow the series to go beyond the limit of two more actors. “The BBC would not say whether there would be any further explanation.”We never comment on future storylines for Doctor Who,” said a spokeswoman.” ( Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor will be on The Sarah Jane Adventures. He will declare the Time Lord as immortal.

The men in black are coming back. Slash Film has reported that MIB three could have Sharlto Copley, Alec Baldwin and Gemma Arterton playing roles in the film. Baldwin and Arterton are reported to play 1960’s MIB head and secretary, while Copley will be playing an alien whom for right now is unknown which side he will be on.

As for Sci-Fi on the American small screen the SyFy channel’s hit show Sanctuary has just kicked off its third season which seems to be promising. Your screen could soon become big, green, and full of mean once again as ABC is pushing to bring back The Incredible Hulk after the original series ended close to three decades ago after a five season 82 episode run. This could be the start of other comic character making their way to the small screen as other adaptations are in the works.

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