Oregon Voters Question Ballot Measures

Measures 74 and 76 on Oregon’s general election ballot have raised mixed feelings among voters. Some Eugene residents question the efficiency of the proposed measures.

If passed, Measure 74 will create a state regulated supply system for medical marijuana in Oregon.

“If it’s for medical use then they should be able to do it,” says Anthony Collins, Office Manager at Stadium Park apartments.

Under current state law, registered medical marijuana patients are permitted to cultivate marijuana for personal use, or delegate a caretaker to provide the plant for them. Measure 74 is designed to allow the state of Oregon to provide a supply system for these patients.

Bryan Wickman, Executive Director at Association for Direct Instruction, is uncertain of the functionality of the proposed dispensary system.

“It’s going to make for more uniform distribution,” says Wickman. “But where is the medical marijuana going to come from? It doesn’t go far enough to establish a good system.”

Adam Hoefler, an accounting major at the University of Oregon, emphasizes the importance of proper control over the dispensary system.

“The only reason the government doesn’t want to do it is because they can’t make money on it,” claims Hoefler. “As long as it’s regulated properly it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would have to go through a long list of standards to make sure it was regulated the right way.”

Measure 76 aims to amend the constitution, modifying lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife, and watershed protection beyond 2014.

Collins supports the measure so long as the government honors the tax agreement.

“As long as the money is going where they say it’s going,” says Collins. “If you look around, non of the parks have seen the improvements they said they were going to make.”

If measure 76 passes, the state of Oregon will continue to bestow 15 percent of state lottery earnings to the Parks and Natural Resources fund. Half of these proceeds will be used to benefit state parks, beaches, and recreation, while the other half will contribute to the protection of natural resources in Oregon.

The results of Measure 74 and 76 will be determined by Oregon voters at the General Election on November 2.

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