Eugene Elks Lodge members support medical marijuana dispenseries

by Franklin Bains

Members of the west Eugene Elks Lodge said that while they support a lengthening of the minimum sentencing charges, as specified in Oregon ballot measure 73, they would support legislation like ballot measure 74 allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to take place in the state, and they did not have much to say on the representative’s race between Peter Defazio [CQ] and challenger Art Robinson [CQ].

Several club members agreed that people in Oregon already smoke marijuana, it might help to simply tax the users.

“I’m in favor of it, as long as they tax the marijuana. Why not?” member Joe Kobe said. “So many people do (smoke marijuana), you might as well tax it.”

There were some opposition points raised about the result of this legislation. Member Bob Hagan said that a lot of the users of this marijuana would be recreational users.

“It’s a joke, and it’s a joke, because it’s not all medical marijuana, some of it is medical marijuana, but most of it is (recreational) users of marijuana,” Hagan said.

One member, David Boehm centralized the concern of the drug becoming more a part of society.

“I think you’re going to have a lot more people out in the open smoking it,” Boehm said.

While it drifted a little from the subject of the actual legislation in ballot measure 73, members also had ideas on how to fix elements of the justice system.

“The life sentence is cheaper than giving them the death penalty; it is because of one and only one reason, they’re kept in jail for 20 years with the death penalty and a lawyer every year files another damned appeal,” Boehm said. “Give them two appeals and then get rid of them, the death penalty’s a whole lot cheaper.”

Members didn’t say much about the governor’s or representative’s race, but said they did like Art Robinson.

Paul Hash

Eugene Register-Guard distributions employee Paul Hash was in west Eugene near Fred Meyer’s trying to get subscriptions for the newspaper. He said he doesn’t have that much sway on the measures.

“You know, on the ballot measures, I don’t have that strong of opinions, but on the candidates I do. Check me for all the Democrats,” Hash said.

He said he supports Peter Defazio and the other Democrats because they share his opinions on the issues where he sees Art Robinson opposing them.

“(Robinson) supports big business; I support big business, but I mean, he supports a lack of regulation, like most Republicans,” Hash said.

He referred those on the fence about the November elections to the first letter to the editor from Thursday’s Register-Guard.

“That sums it up; it talks about all the things Republicans did to put us where we are today,” Hash said.

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