Tracking the Future: Science and Humanity

Science is moving the human race forward at an exponential rate. Each day we are confronted with emerging technologies and discoveries that redefine what it means to be human. From body organs communicating with smart phones, to robotic legs that help the paralyzed walk, to developing gum that tastes like a three course meal, science is changing the way we view the world – and live within it.

There are a number of media sources that track these breakthroughs. The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Guardian are among the major news outlets that have blogs and columnists dedicated to science developments. Magazines such as National Geographic and Wired keep track of the field as well.

Among the other resources available for the curious mind are a host of specialized sites and blogs. Science Magazine, Science News, New Scientist, PhysOrg, and Science Blogs all contain a wealth of information ranging a variety of topics.

In the coming weeks, this blog will track all barriers that scientists around the world shatter.

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