Graduate Student Advice Story

Veteran Students Offer Tips to Rookies                     by Ryan Buckley

For anyone who hasn’t been within 10 miles of the University in the past week, the freshman class of 2010 has arrived. Roadways and dorm halls all over campus have been knotted with the hustle and bustle of move-in and as the frenzy begins to die down this publication feels it is important to help the young ones focus with some words of advice from some of the most seasoned college go-ers on campus; graduate students.

Cade Jameson, a graduate student in the sociology department, feels that always being prepared for your plans to fall through is a wise tactic to take early on.

“Have a back-up plan ready if you party too hard or something,” he said, “some programs are pretty hard to get into and if you don’t make the requirements you better know what you’re going to do instead.”

Others have a more sanguine perspective on the college experience.

Roo's Advice to Freshmen

Roo Vandegrift, a graduate student at the Center for Evolutionary Biology, preached a proactive approach to one’s college career.

“Get involved, volunteer, don’t be scared of professors,” he said. “The earlier you start to really get involved with what you’re studying you begin to better understand what it’s about. Too many people cruise through school but then get into the real world and are totally lost because they had never actually applied their knowledge to anything before or they didn’t really understand what it was they were studying.”

Fittingly, Kyle Buehring, a PhD student in economics, gave the most practical nugget of advice:

“Always be focused on what you’re working towards and know exactly what you have to do,” he said.  “Try your hardest to make sure that all the classes you take count for something and aren’t just meaningless credits. And talk to the older students in your program for guidance because sometimes they can help you avoid having to do things the hard way.”

About Ryan Buckley

I am a senior journalism student at the UO and am dreading graduation at the end of this year. I was born in New Jersey but spent most of my life in California. I am the oldest of three kids and I enjoy reading, doing anything exercise-related and watching corny horror movies. Ideally I would like to be involved in sports media in some capacity when I get into the professional world.
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