U of O Grad Student’s Advice to Incoming Freshman: “Work On Your Listening Skills”

By Benny Harris

Nicole Peterson, a U of O Grad. School student studying Community and Regional Planning, says if she could give one piece of advice to incoming freshman it would be, “Work on your listening skills.  You will absorb information better if you clear your mind of your own thoughts and actually listen.” She claims her one regret about college, while studying for her undergrad, was she didn’t pay attention.  This affected her overall performance.  She ended up receiving a D in Astronomy.  ‘To this day, that’s on my transcript and it’s so embarrassing,” she said.

Cortney Mild, another grad. student, who spent her post-undergrad years as a professional ballerina before deciding to return to, also, study C and R Planning, says she’d suggest that freshman, ‘find a balance between your academic goals, physical activity and social life.  Too many students have a habit of focusing on just one.  [In the long run] this makes for a not very well rounded out student.”  She claims students should also get involved in their local community.  It’s not good when they choose the isolation of a university campus over the real world.

Justin Overdevest, another grad. student, who’s studying Landscape Architecture and Sustainable Living, says that students, especially freshman, should check out the different services available at the U of O Career Center.

“Too many people wait until their last term to, finally, take a peek at what’s available at the Career Center.  They need to realize there’s great opportunities here. Especially for students who want to get involved with the community or start networking to try to get their foot in the door to do whatever they’re pursuing.  This is especially good for J school students.’  He continued, ‘Students need to realize they have an opportunity where people are more prone to say ‘yes’ to them while they’re in college as opposed to after they’ve graduated.”

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