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A simulated picture with wall from the ODOT project plans

A picture from the ODOT project plans without simulated wall

The Oregon Department of Transportation has had plans for the project available for the public online.  ODOT put together a presentation about the project and is available to download or view on the website.  The presentation showed many manipulated images of homes in Laurel Hill.  The pictures showed how the house looks now and what it is going to look like when the sound wall is fully constructed.  One of the pictures shows exactly what Mr. Mart view looks like out in the front of his house.  In front of Mr. Mart’s house, there is a construction zone, but with the building of the stone themed sound wall, there is just going to be a big wall without any site of the freeway.  In the presentation, ODOT also highlights blueprint designs of how the sound wall will look on paper.   At the end of the 26 page PDF presentation there is a slide that shows the contact information for the public officials involved with the project and a link to the official website on the website.  The presentation also shows a map of how the loudness of the freeway will be significantly lower with the completion of the sound wall.  Putting these facts and figures available to the public will show in actual statistics of how the sound wall is going to improve the quality of life for Laurel Hill.   Embracing the multimedia platforms and making the plans easy for most people to read is a way for people to know how they are really affected by the project.

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