Sidebar: LTDs Response to Stop the Green Dragon

A group of west Eugene businesses has taken out a billboard and passed out fliers saying that the EmX is destroying LTD’s budget.

“It’s not based on fact, it’s based on fear,” Cosette Rees said, spokesperson for LTD.

“They’re flat out lying,” said Mueller in response to the billboards accusations.

LTD’s operating budget comes from payroll taxes, while the expansion project comes from federal funding that does not affect the operating budget Mueller said.

“If we don’t apply for expansion projects that money would go elsewhere. I would rather have it go to bus expansion than developing missiles.” Mueller said.

Because the EmX is a federally funded project with some aid also coming from Oregon Lottery funds, the EmX is not competing with the operating budget said Rees.

From an email from Tonya Spears, Cal Young Neighborhood association president she wrote  that there were plans for an EmX route to be built along Coburg Road. However, those rumors were unfounded.

“When the first plans for an EmX were put in place Coburg Road was an option on the map.” Will Mueller said, but currently there are not plans for EmX expansion on Coburg Road.

“The Bus Rapid Transit map shows that we still could, but we aren’t looking at Coburg Road.” Rapid transit is the general term for bus routes that has turned into the EmX.

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