Sidebar 1: Adopt-a-Plot Program

by Evan Sernoffsky

In 2003, Lynn Negus founded the Adopt-a-Plot program at the GrassRoots garden in order to generate money and expand the quality of service that they provide to the community.

People who donate to the program can sponsor a vegetable bed, a fruit tree, a compost bin, an entire greenhouse, or even something as small as a dahlia plant.

Sponsors of the program receive an honorary plague on the feature that they support, and all contributions are tax deductible. “When I came here in 2000 there were 30 beds, there are now more than 110. We produced 15,000 pounds in 2002 and now we are producing 65,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables,” Negus says. Part of the reason the garden has expanded so quickly is because of donor contributions.

The motto for the program is, “Gifts that Grow People and Food.” The program so far is achieving these goals in spades.

For more information on the Adopt-a-Plot program at the GrassRoots Garden contact Lynn Negus at: or call: 541-687-2669

About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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2 Responses to Sidebar 1: Adopt-a-Plot Program

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  2. sallie says:

    Reading Evan’s blog motivated me into wanting to contribute to the GrassRoots garden. The project keeps natural thoughts and ideas alive in a world of high technology and minimal earth/human connection. Meaningful and honest effort brings rewarding and fruitful results. Bravo Evan for bringing such an important program to my awareness.

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