On the Way to Enterprise Story

By Maiko Ando

During the summer term, I visited Laurel Hill as often as possible. Laurel Hill is a residential neighborhood, so sometimes it was struggling to find subject for each topic. Although it was little tough to work on assignments,  residents were definitely nice and kind.  I felt residents personality may caused by the quietness atmosphere in Laurel Hill.

But at this point, my enterprise story covers several neighborhoods because the story goes little abroad. The story I’m covering is about how photographers in Eugene could survive after digital camera became more common. Since digital cameras come to the forefront, professional photographers face some difficulties such as less opportunities to get order for shoot photos. I’d research how Eugene photographers live their lives.

My enterprise story started with interview to Paul Neevel who I wrote for my profile. He’s been a photographer for a long time, so he experienced the process of transition of film to digital. I got how he solved the problem and how he thinks about the issue. It was good discussion with him.

Another interviewee was Don May. He’s also a photographer in Eugene but lived in Los Angels for 25 years. His experience in Los Angels made his fundamental life style. And after he moved to Eugene, he found another way to live.  He lectured me how to live as a photographer and the point what professionals have but amateurs don’t. Even though amateurs have high-performance digital cameras.

I’m trying to contact few other photographers and looking for get back from them. Also, visiting galleries and photo studio is in a plan. However, I’m still looking exact direction where the story goes. Two sidebars will be Q&A and step-by-step. Q&A box will be about what the photographers like about digital and what don’t. For another box, I’ll go to Dot Dotson’s to ask how they develop digital photos.

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