Tales of Summer Term ’10

Wednesday’s deadline (August 11th) for Reporting1’s enterprise story is coming up fast.  All term, I’ve been reporting on the Churchill neighborhood and my longest story on the Churchill Community Garden has brought me to various people and organizations throughout the city of Eugene.

I’ve met Daniel Romero, who worked in the Churchill Community Garden and prompted the mural that exists on the garden’s tool shed.  I’ve met Dawn Marie Woodward, who works in media relations for Food for Lane County.  I’ve met Sarah Cantril, who is the executive director for Huerto de la Familia.  I’ve met Molly Bullock, who works with volunteers in the community garden.  I’ve met Keith Heath, who manages the Eugene Service Station for St. Vincent de Paul.  Every single person has been extremely helpful, willing to share information, and even help a new reporter out when he can’t quite figure out what the right questions are.

I hope to interview Jen Anonia on Tuesday (Aug. 10th) because her name is mentioned over and over and over when anyone talks about the garden.  She has been there from the beginning and I hope to get a comprehensive history of the garden and a knowledge of where the garden and its programs are heading.  I hope to talk to a few volunteers on Tuesday as well to get a better idea of how volunteers contribute to the garden.  Depending on time constraints, I may talk to a few more distribution centers that are partners with Food for Lane County.

We study a lot about the ethics behind objectivity at the journalism school.  I am still not sure how to remain completely detached and objective, but I know that journalism is ultimately about people.  Many people helped me this term and I’d like to take a few lines to thank them.  I’d like to thank the Churchill community for being easy and patient on someone who is new to journalism.  I’d like to thank Thomas Price for his enthusiasm in community involvement.  I’d like to thank Sam Roderick for participating in one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever conducted.  I’d like to thank his dog Rabbit for making the interview more interesting and infusing energy in our conversation.  I’d like to thank everyone associated for Food for Lane County for the work you do on a daily basis.

When I finally post my final draft of the enterprise story on Tuesday/Wednesday, I hope I tell an effective, objective story that accurately reflects the Churchill Community Garden and people who have worked to make it what it is.  If I fail at this, please feel free to comment on any aspect of the story (or any story I’ve written this term for that matter).  College is a learning experience and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing, so any constructive remarks are welcomed.

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