Neighborhood blog post: Enterprise Update.

By Matt DeBow

This last week I  interviewed Will Mueller and Cossette Rees both from Lane Transit District.

No one waits for the bus in the Cal Young Neighborhood. With construction and the bus only coming once an hour on Sunday ridership is extremely low.

It was a 45-minute interview, which cramped up my hand from taking so many notes. If I expect to do that long of an interview again, I will be taking a tape recorder, at least I now know I can sustain such a long interview without one.

One question that led to a long part of the interview was not part of my neighborhood. Out in west Eugene an anonymous group took out a billboard attacking the EmX and the west Eugene expansion efforts. So I figured I should ask about that as well they have responded to the accusations, which I will make into a sidebar. The group that took out the billboard has a Facebook page, but they are not transparent in who they are. The billboard does not state who took out the ad and their Facebook page does not say who put is opposing LTD.

Today I drove the entire bus routes of 66 and 67 the bus only goes through once an hour I found no one waiting for the bus. I knew it would be hard to find someone on a Sunday, but I was not expecting absolutely no one.  I did not have time to wait for another hour so I will be going back to the neighborhood to look for a regular rider in the Cal Young Neighborhood. One question I had for the assignment is why are there so few bus riders in the neighborhood. I was expecting to have trouble finding a regular rider.

I had asked the Cal Young Neighborhood President about bus routes for the Q and A assignment. Unfortunately, the tape of those questions was recorder over. I just set up an interview with her again. Fortunately, she is easy to get a hold of and it could turn out better because I can get a more in-depth interview about the subject.

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