Jefferson’s Cornucopia has a Cornucopia of Food and Drinks

By Patrick Meyers

Cornucopia is a restaurant that is located in the West Jefferson neighborhood and has been for eleven years.  Cornucopia has a nice and relaxing neighborhood vibe that lets people come and enjoy themselves. Being famously known for their burgers, in 2009, Eugene Weekly ranked Cornucopia number two in the “Best Burgers” category.

Beer Cooler at Cornucopia. Photo By: Patrick Meyers

Walking up to Cornucopia, there is a patio out front and on the nice day people were sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.  Being a hot day, going inside to the air conditioning felt refreshing.  The restaurant is not huge, but big enough to not be crowded.  Pulling up a seat at the bar, there is a full bar and on the other side, there are two large coolers with a wide variety of bottled beer.

List of Beers on Tap. Photo By: Patrick Meyers

Harley Troyer is a bartender at the Cornucopia and loves to work there.  “It’s very Eugene, I can be myself. I see the owners all the time and they have my back,” said Troyer.  All the employees were getting along and were working together.

They had a list of beers on tap.  Ninkasi and Deschutes breweries are featured on tap.  Besides their award winning burgers, Cornucopia offers a good drink selection in a relaxed environment.  “This one is more of a neighborhood style and the downtown one is more of the bar scene,” said Troyer in reference to the Jefferson location compared to the downtown one.

A Row of Tables by the Window. Photo By: Patrick Meyers

The French dough pizza appetizer is a good way to start things along with one of the great beers.  There is also a back patio area that guest can dine in.  The back patio is shaded and has a neighborhood backyard feel.

Jefferson is a lucky neighborhood to have such a great restaurant like Cornucopia.  The experience of Cornucopia lives up the reputation of being a great local business.

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I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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1 Response to Jefferson’s Cornucopia has a Cornucopia of Food and Drinks

  1. Jody Canaday says:

    I live right down the road from this place and it’s really good. They sell beer in mason jars which makes me feel like a moonshiner from way back. DOWN WITH THE 18th AMENDMENT!

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