Cherished Ways of Doing Business

By Maiko Ando

Eugene, Ore.- Jefferson neighborhood is including the area of between W. 7th and 18th Avenues and between Chambers Street and Willamette Streets. Surprisingly, there are many restaurants and parks located in Jefferson neighborhood. Cornucopia is a hamburger shop and they have nice backyard patio. Charnel Mulligan City Park is located besides Cornucopia. There simply have four swings and little athletic facility. Although there are only few facilities, nice nature of field is spread out which looks good for lying on the grass to get a tan, especially in this summer time.

Few blocks from park, one camera shop stands on 16th and Willamette called Dot Dotson’s. They have been developing photos more than 75 years.

Janet Strobel

Dot Dotson’s has about 15 staffs and all of them have a sense of intimacy. Janet Strobel has been working for them for more than 25 years. She always stands at the counter and greets customers with a welcoming smile. She is friendly to anybody even in first meet. She got her elementary school teaching degree but had few chances to teach at school. “But I was still interested in teaching and sharing what I know!” Strobel said. At the same time, she was into photography. Thus, she decided to work at photo studio, Dot Dotson’s. Jefferson neighborhood has several photo studios and Dot Dotson’s seems the one, which is popular from residents not only in Jefferson neighborhood but also from other neighborhood. They are reliable and have a close connection to each customer. Strobel said her policy is “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” This could be one of the reasons how kind she is to people.

Another attractive point for customers is that they have several old cameras. Of course they sell new digital point shooting camera, but beside that showcase, they have film cameras which you could not see around in recent years. There were Canon, Nikon, Minolta, and Pentax cameras, which is all from late 70’s or 80’s.

The store is now reconstructing, but they open from 8:30 to 18:00 on weekdays and Saturday at 10:00 to 17:00.

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