Dickie Jo’s Brings a Better Burger at a Better Price

By Jason Bernert

Dickie Jo’s opened its newest location last Saturday just outside the Valley River Center and it will be just one of many new locations.

The owner, manager and founder of Dickie Jo’s Burgers, Jim West is a firm believer in high-quality products at a low price and, after going though, in detail, the new restaurant’s ins-and-out, he’ll do just that. As a Dartmouth graduate and previous worker on Wall Street, West know how to run a business, but he also brings more. West brings passion to his restaurant. Not only does West gives a place for great ingredients, he also creates a network of people just as passionate as he.

“People who have the passion that we have are the people we like to partner with,” says West.

The open last weekend was a soft open because the owners don’t believe in being big and flashy, but even without advertising the new location is doing well. West refers to the restaurant as part of the “Better Burger” industry, which he defines as delivering good burgers with high quality ingredients in an environment between the drive-thrus and the waiters. It is a very down to earth business literally and figuratively. The ingredients are local, organic or home-made. From a grandma delivering her homemade jam to shipping hot dogs from Chicago.

The Chicago style hot dog isn’t just a title. They are the classic six to one hot dogs found in the windy city and shipped from the windy city – six to one meaning there are six sausages to a pound of meat. Even the jam is special too. Gram’s Jam is a Eugene-based business where the owner (that’s right, it’s grandma) hand makes and delivers her jam directly to the store in here Cadillac.

“She’s the most beautiful 85-year-old woman I’ve ever seen” says West.

West likes owning his own store and doing everything himself. He finds himself to be “control freaks.” Because Dickie Jo’s isn’t a franchise it doesn’t need to pay “the man,” which creates more profit so they can deliver higher quality food for a lower price.

West plans to open a new location in Tualatin by May 1st of next year and hopefully another location in Cedar Hills before that.

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