Q&A with Nicole Sharette

1. How did you become the chair for the Trainsong neighborhood? 

I ran for President this past March and won by one vote. We had a closed ballot vote and I campaigned for a about six weeks before the election, talking to neighbors and business owners”. Prior to that I served as Vice President from march 09 to march of 10.

2. What is your favorite thing about the neighborhood?

The kids. They are all so full of spirit and adventure. They are, for the most part, tougher kids than you would find in other neighborhoods but they are also problem solvers, brave, survivors and wonderfully creative. They also have a way of understanding issues, that adults miss entirely. They have all been so good to me and every time I see them, I get a warm and loving reception, even from the little “thugs”. 

3. Do you think the city could be doing more about the increasing homeless problem?

I think people need to stop expecting the City to solve issues they do not have the tools to solve. The City did not make people homeless and they do not have the financial or anthropological resources to handle the increasing homeless problem. However neighborhoods and their leaders can help handle the issue. Trainsong is a great location for homeless to camp out. Right on the tracks, close to the service station and properties with large lots, means space, convenience and safety for the homeless population. The stigma is the problem. The lack of services from the county, state and federal government is the problem. I am advocating for neighborhood policies on homeless intervention, including, homeowners allowing “good” homeless people to camp on their property as a stewards, to keep out the “bad” homeless element. 

4. Do you believe the neighborhood does a substantial job at providing for it’s community and culture?

We are certainly working on it. We have a very diverse population, often conflicting sub cultures, living right next door to each other. trainsong Has residents that have lived here for sixty plus years. We have a  significant population of ‘good ol boys’, gangstas, bikers (Free Souls), hard working families, addicts, alcoholics, christians, criminals, retirees and students. We have neat freaks and horders. It is a real tall order to honor all our cultures and community while also rooting out the dangerous or harmful elements. My goal is to incorporate all these factions by deleting the negative aspects and focusing on the positive attributes of all the sub cultures in Trainsong.

5. How would you describe the ‘identity’ of Trainsong?

A noisy rainbow, with bright and dark colors.

6. Do you have any comments to add about this neighborhood?

    “here in trainsong, we hear music where others may just hear noise.”  this is a quote from a local ‘metal head’, I find it very suiting.

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