Oregon Alumni Owns Pizza Parlor

Garry Weber working with an employee

Patio of Roaring Rapids Pizza Company

By Patrick Meyers

Garry Weber is an active citizen of Eugene and has contributed to community by owning and operating a family friendly pizza restaurant.  Weber graduated from the University of Oregon and now owns Roaring Rapids Pizza Company.  Located in Eugene and right next to the Willamette River, the beautiful scenery makes Roaring Rapids unique. Roaring Rapids is a success story of Garry Weber and the university. Weber was motivated in school and even took summer classes.   “I took a journalism class during summer school,” said Weber.  Weber is a motivated businessman that knows how to work hard.  Upon walking into Roaring Rapids lobby stands three employees behind the counter working along.  One was at the counter and there were two other employees in the back cooking pizza.  The smell of fresh pizza filled the air and pizza was being made.  Even though Weber does own the business, he works in the restaurant himself helping customers and running the business.  Weber was dressed in dark slacks and a blue striped shirt.  Weber was dressed in business attire, but when needed, Weber knows how to roll up his sleeves up and get to work.  As he does business and runs a business Weber remains professional.  Upon serving customers, Weber then discusses business with one of the managers.  Weber is very knowledgeable and business savvy.

Weber is a realistic and driven businessman, but he is also friendly and courteous to customers, as well as employees.  “Our demographic is the family,” said Weber.  His family entertainment establishment attracts families, but also does get some student business.  “I remember how things were when I was a student.”  The tables and lobby area have a cabin theme that the Roaring Rapids website said, “Our riverside setting is spectacular and our wilderness lodge decor will remind you of all those family vacations to the national parks.”  The patio outside right by river has an exceptional view and river flowing.

Coming back into the lobby was Weber at work behind the register.  Weber is a kind and inviting gentleman.  People in Roaring Rapids appear to be enjoying themselves and the food.

Roaring Rapids is located about a mile away from Laurel Hill and attracts business from the neighborhood.  Weber knows there are many customers from Laurel Hill and knows how important Laurel Hill is to his business.   He likes the variety his restaurant adds to the community and says it’s an alternative to other pizza places.  A river patio, a full mini golf coarse and a merry-go-round are all parts of the great setting that Weber’s business offers for the family.   Weber is making a positive impact in the community by providing a safe and family friendly business.  There are other businesses in society that can have a negative impact on a community like a strip club or a bar, but Weber decided to own Roaring Rapids.  Being a connected and respected member of the community, graduating from the University of Oregon and also now running a successful business locally speaks very highly for U of O and in turn lets others see what one can do.  Garry Weber is a prime example of being successful.

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I am a journalism student at the University of Oregon.
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  1. Jason A Williams says:

    Love that guy! I did a video for his daughter once.

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