Brewing Up Confidence for Oakshire

I have a great interest in the way fine beer is crafted. Fortunately, I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, where the water is amazing, and hops grow full, and with ease. The art of hand crafting, and mass marketing such a fine brew is not a simple task, and for the past several years Oakshire Brewing has been making its name in the beer game.

foto courtesy of Oakshire Brewing Co.

I want to do a profile with either the brew master (Matt Van Wyk), or either one of the two guys that started the brewery (Jeff & Chris Althouse.) I’ve been somewhat reluctant to approach either of these figures in most part because I know how much of an art brewing is, and how many people don’t like to spill their secrets, or spend time away from doing what they love. I do, in this case however, feel that anyone at the brewery I approach will be more than helpul and willing to let me pester them for an hour or so, because it’s Eugene, and we tend to foster a lot of nice people.

I guess now the only thing for me to do is get up the nerve to bombard these nice people and get a glimpse inside what it’s like being both a master brew entrepreneur, and a large community figure in the Trainsong area.

Written By Tucker Leverton

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