Twitter Stalking for A Profile

In looking for a fresh take on people in the Cal Young I decided to do a Google Map search to see what photographers/videographers called the area home. I figure that as I move forward in my career in media it won’t hurt for me to meet some other people involved in the media business and write about them.

My search led me to the website of Vivid Wedding Films, owned and operated by Ryan Welch. Yes the last name should sound familiar to anyone in the entire city of Eugene that reads the Register Guard, he is the son of columnist Bob Welch, which actually now that I know this has me a little scared.

Combing through the web to discover more about Ryan’s online presence I found that he is much more than just a wedding videographer. Ryan is also owns AO Creative, a multi-platform media business and also co-owns a news aggregation service for Pac-10 sports teams.

This also led me to twitter, the greatest journalism contact tool of all time (people will respond!). I contacted Ryan using Twitter and eventually set up a meeting time via phone where I will get the chance to go behind-the-scenes at his studio. I’m looking forward to this meeting for more than just to get an assignment done, I’m also looking forward to this meeting for the chance to meet someone who is doing what I think is a really cool job.

About Jason A Williams

I am currently enrolled at the University of Oregon preparing to graduate in June of 2011. I love technology and am looking forward to establishing myself as professional in the industry. This blog is a collection of not only what I work on in class but it is also a way for me to write about what interests me most, technology.
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