Sources Sometimes Fall Through

I was originally going to profile Deborah Heal for Wednesday’s assignment, but she will be out of town until Wednesday. What I know about Heal is that she is Vice President of the Cal Young Neighborhood Association. KVAL has interviewed her about loud and illegal fireworks that were set off in the Cal Young Neighborhood. She works for the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at the University of Oregon.

I had been in contact with Heal since Saturday, but I did not learn she would be out of town for this assignment until late last night.

Time to move on to the next source. I went to Walgreen’s where people are holding up a sign protesting Walgreen’s labor practices. I thought if they are willing to stand out there all day they would certainly give an hour of their time to let a reporter observe them to write a feature story. I was wrong.

They were afraid of being misquoted and gave me a flier about their cause and gave me the phone number of a person to speak with about the issue. That is another story and perhaps worth pursuing, but it would not work as a feature story.

My plan now is to interview and observe the man who sells hot dogs along the Willamette River in the Valley River Center Parking Lot. If that for some unforeseen reason fails (I doubt it will), I will interview and observe Dave Mertz the Program Director for Camp Harlow.

I no nothing about the man selling hot dogs along the river. I will find out and if any readers want to know what I should ask him let me know in the comments.

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