Research log for upcoming profile

by Evan Sernoffsky

I decided I am going to profile a person involved in Food for Lane County’s Grass Roots Garden. I have already familiarized myself with all the details of the food program and all of the volunteer opportunities with the garden.

This background research has provided me with a wealth of options for finding a compelling person to profile. I can talk to a volunteer, someone from FFLC, or a sponsor of one of the plots at the garden. I also can frame my profile within the larger context of the program and give my profile relevance that may even inspire others to get involved (maybe I’ll even get in there after summer school comes to a close).

A look through one of the Grass Roots Garden's living archways

After fully educating myself on the ins and outs of the Grass Roots Garden, I took down some important phone numbers from FFLC’s website and drove down to the garden. Unfortunately, when I arrived the place was a ghost town. I was hoping to meet at least one person in the flesh but much to my chagrin found no one. My visit however, was not all in vain. I observed the individual growing areas, read about how the garden works, and familiarized myself with the layout of the place. Now when I meet someone, I will know exactly what I am talking about.

The Donor Recognition Wall is prominently displayed at the Grass Roots Garden's entrance.

Because I came up empty at the garden, I decided to call some of the numbers I had taken down earlier and get in touch with someone from FFLC. I was put through to Jen Anonia whose department covers the Grass Roots Garden and it turns out that Monday is her day off. She will get back to me tomorrow with all the information I need. She will also be able to give me a lengthy list of people who are available and who will be volunteering in the next few days.

It is important for me to write this profile while someone is actually working in the garden because of the magnificent scene I can paint to complement the profile of a person. I am optimistic from the results I got today and plan on completing the interview and writing portion tomorrow.

If Jen is not able to provide any useful contacts, I will steak the place out until somebody shows up. I will then use my most inviting smile to woo them into agreeing to be followed for lengthy amount of time.

About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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