Profile Idea

For my profile this week, I am planning on interviewing Heidi Doggwiler. I have interviewed her three times regarding issues in Laurel Hill Valley, and I think she has been the most helpful source my group has had. Since I have met her more than once, I am interested to know more about her life. Since it has been surface area questions about the neighborhood and what are good and bad things about it, it will be interesting to sit with her and talk more about her own experiences.

I know now that she is a single mom, who’s son goes to Edison Elementary. She lives in a beautiful home, and was nice enough to invite Patrick, Maiko, and myself in to her house for some drinks. She has mentioned that she works out of her home and takes care of her son most of the time. I would love to learn how she has obtained her beautiful home (which she designed herself!), and how she ended up in Laurel Hill Valley.

Brooke Bartholomew

About brookebarthol

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, with a focus in advertising. I also have a minor in Geology. I am very concerned with environmental and animal issues, both locally and worldwide. My current blog is for my Reporting 1 class at the university. Our class of 13 writes and posts blogs daily regarding issues in Eugene neighborhoods.
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