Media analysis:A Star Keeps Rocking in the Not-So-Free World

By Maiko Ando

The article about Yuri Shevchuk was published on July 16, 2010, written by Michael Schwirtz. From the first paragraph describes who Shevchuk is and what he does for decades. He lives as a singer but his band rarely on broadcast and even songs rarely played on radio. It’s because he writes lyrics like this:  “When the oil runs out, our president will die.”

From the third paragraph, it tells more about subject in action using dialogues. It was about the scene when Shevchuk had a chance to meet president but could not ask as much as questions he had.

After the delineation, it focuses on Shevchuk’s historical background. It’s about his family, what led him to do the activities and what he had done before. DDT is his band which was established in 1980. Because of a list of banned groups in the culture department of the Central Committee, they weren’t able to play music in front of public until 1987.

Then it moves on to the next scene which depicts after he founded the band. He had done many activities that rebel against authority. He was said to the one who dared to break this secret protocol from music critics and now people gradually know his activities.

Over all, the article uses many quotes from Shevchuk comments and also other persons who talks about him. At the last, the quote of  him was used as closing. It’s his motto and shows that it has been changing through his activities in this few decades.

I like the form of the article because it tells detail clearly and shows the background. I felt that I’m looking his life in such a short time.

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