Media Analysis: NY Times Saturday Profile 7/24/10

This profile about Mr. Yu Keping, from the New York Times, is all about someone who is breaking a social norm for his country. He is a Chinese politician that is raising the topic or idea of democracy in a communist nation… ludicrous right? That is the reason this article is compelling, it brings up a divide and explains the story behind the person without ever making an editorial statement about who they are as a person.

One of the reason’s that I chose this article is because it is a really simple profile, it is a conflict story but it is a story about one person’s struggle that can be related to so many struggles of others. This profile does everything a profile is supposed to do, it captures the heart of a person so that others may be able to capture the heart or feel for the heart that is being told.

The article has the support of the subject, they have been interviewed and researched and they have found something to focus on with his story that makes him stand out as an individual.

I like the article because it fits the format and structure so that I am able to use it as a good example of what my profile should look like. Telling the story of a person can be difficult but once you find a focus, it can write itself.

The New York Times does a Saturday Profile everyweek, you can find more by doing a search for SATURDAY PROFILE on

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