Recent Developments in the Cal Young Neighborhood.

The Cal Young neighborhood is known for its shopping centers. Now, New developments are popping up in the area.

By Matt DeBow

The Cal Young area is known for its shopping malls and neighborhoods. Recently, the bike bridge and other developments around the area are adding their contributions to the neighborhood.

These are the houses that were built in Crescent Village.

Crescent Village has been adding retail and residential establishments to the area. The Uptown Plaza has been adding new commercial developments to the neighborhood and the bike bridge that is under construction will connect residents from the neighborhood to the Delta Ponds.

Crescent Village is the most northern development Cal Young area  and according to the Crescent Village website, the area is a “visionary mix of high–quality housing, retail shops and services . . .”

Crescent Village consists of town homes, row houses and high-end apartments. The apartments are all located above the commercial spaces in the area.

Justin Vaccaro, a financial adviser whose office is located in Crescent Village said, “I think once the market recovers, this area is going to become sort of the hot development zone for the City of Eugene, partially because of the amount of jobs and the high-income jobs that are generated by (Sacred Heart Medical Center at) RiverBend.”

Vaccaro said that when he was looking for an office he first looked near RiverBend in Springfield because the places were cheaper, but they were not well-maintained, were not easily accessible by car and were difficult to find.

“The best part of (the area) is the fact that it’s not done yet and I can walk my dogs in the field,” Vaccaro said

One of the newest developments to the Cal Young area is the Uptown Plaza that opened in the fall of 2008. Recently, a bar named the Side Bar opened in the plaza. The bar is the only bar located in Cal Young Neighborhood. Uptown Plaza is located across from Walgreens on Coburg Road.

Beer can be found elsewhere in Cal Young, but the liquor shown on the right can only be found at the Side Bar. The Side Bar is the only full bar in the Cal Young Neighborhood.

Erin Freeman, head weekday bartender, said that patrons tell her often that they are the only full bar in the area.

Freeman said she has previously worked at bars that were consistently slow, but the Side Bar has been consistently busy.

“This place picked up rather quickly. We have a steady lunch and happy hour is 4 to 7 (p.m.) and I haven’t had a slow happy hour.”

Freeman said that she attributes the quick success of the place to the owner and the management.

“They knew exactly what they were doing when they put this (place) together,” Freeman said.

The bar will be adding a pool table, shuffleboard table and adding more TVs.

Uptown Plaza opened last year and also hosts Burger King, International Poker House and Eyemart Express along with several other retail establishments.

TJ Barret and Amy Perkins were out for a walk on the East Bank bike path near the wetlands restoration.

Perkins, who grew up in the area, said she likes to run on the paths in the area.

Referring to the bike bridge, Barret said “That it’s cool that they are giving the neighborhood’s access to the ponds.”

Amy Perkins (left) and TJ Barret (right) say that they enjoy the paths near the river and Perkins has caught bass nearby.

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