Q&A with Stephen King

By Virginia Rice

I am interested in the question and answer interview with Stephen King by Gilbert Cruz because I grew up watching his movies and reading his books. In my kitchen across the top shelf sits every book he has ever written in hard back form. So though this 2007 interview may be a little outdated, it is still relevant to my interest and recent enough to still play a fair game in the interview world.

The most interesting thing that sets this interview apart from the rest is the Stephen King actually initiated the first question, as opposed to the interviewer. However, Cruz makes a disclaimer about that at the beginning in a light tone that helps to set the scene well. In a Q&A interview I believe it is necessary to set the scene of the interview so readers can have a better understanding of the responses given the circumstances they were asked under. Immediately King begins on a rant about how celebrity news coverage is unbearable despite war in the Middle East and the corruption of the Bush Administration. Cruz only asked the question “really?” in response to King’s first comments. This sidetracked the interviewer from what he was there to do, in my opinion.

King does, however, go into some detail on his opinion of celebrity news coverage quoting that more people know their American Idol than their Congressman. Though this may not have been Cruz’s desired interview he certainly got him talking, which provides the material for him. He claims Britney Spears to be ‘trailer trash’, which granted, most people already know, but he says here on record. This sets up the tone of the interview; open. King is willing to express his true feelings and Cruz captures that well by aiding his ranting answers into constructive commentary. Cruz makes a nice turn from the celebrity gossip about a third of that way through the interview which regains him the edge as the interviewer and also gets back to his original agenda. Cruz then directs questions about Stephen King having written a new play, what it’s about, and why he wrote it. Then at two thirds of the way through the interview Cruz finally gets to the topic of Stephen King’s new movie The Mist.

Cruz asks the fairly normal questions about King’s experience with The Mist like what it was like to work with Frank Darabont again and whether or not more of his books would be made into movies. King does a decent job at answering the questions with a light humor but is sure to actually address the question. It is apparent this was not his first interview and he has learned some skills when it comes to talking to reporters. Overall, the interview was decent. It got good commentary and opinion from King while remaining on topic most of the time. The only thing is that the questions could have been a little more detailed instead of questions like “are you enjoying it?” and there could have been more of a closing to the last question. As a reader I do get a sense of who King is as a person and his thoughts on the interview topic, so it was successful as a Q&A overall.

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