Media Analysis: “Q&A:More on the Oil Spill”

By Brooke Bartholomew

The Q&A I chose is from the Environment section of the New York Times (NYT). It is a Q&A blog totled “Q&A:More on the Oil Spill,” by John Collins Rudolf. The blog is titled Green, “a blog about energy and the environment.” Instead of a Q&A session with one specific celebrity, politician, or person, the NYT’s writer Collins answers many questions that readers had regarding the Gulf oil spill.

Many of the questions regard reader’s questions about previous NYT’s articles and/or blogs that reflec BP and the oil spill. Many are complaints by the readers in which Rudolf has to answer. For expample, reader Laura M. asked the question, “why has there not been any follow-up on the N.Y.Times report this week about the BP’s Alaskan project…” Rudolf then answered the woman’s question and included a link to an article by the NYT that was a follw-up to the BP Alaska report.

However, many readers are looking for answers from Rudolf because he is educated on the subjects of the oil spill. Elizabeth Brownrigg asked, “Is BP still developing a new containment system, and when will it be ready?”

Rudolf gives well-researched responses. He includes in-text citations and links to other sites regarding the same issues he is talking about in his Q&A blog. He also refers to and summarizes what other experts have said about facts on the oil spill and reader’s questions. For example, Rudolf says, “…or about 2.1 billion gallons, accoring to recent congressional testimony by BR’s chief executive, Tony Hayward.” Rudolf’s answers are informative, and there are also “related posts” located after his Q&A for readers to look into.

About brookebarthol

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, with a focus in advertising. I also have a minor in Geology. I am very concerned with environmental and animal issues, both locally and worldwide. My current blog is for my Reporting 1 class at the university. Our class of 13 writes and posts blogs daily regarding issues in Eugene neighborhoods.
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