Media Analysis: Bruce Davidson

On June 28th, 2010,  an interview article was published on New York Times’ website, written by James Estrin and Josh Haner. Bruce Davidson is a photographer who belongs to Magnum Photos. I was interested in this article because he is one of the influential photographer and he had published Outside Inside three volumes of photo book this year.

The interview is basically about his new photograph collection. He developed every photo  he took into print, from his childhood. Beginning part of interview was asking about how Davidson think about his photo book. Also, interviewers asked why he changed the color of photo from color to black and white in subway section.

Then the story moves on to his experience. He learned photography in color but black and white is more comfortable for him to take. It said about the process how he found his style of taking photographs. Also, the questions elicit an in-depth response. For example, there’s a question such as this: “When you say contemporary, what exactly do you mean?” Davidson answered little simply. Then the interviewer asked him again: “So what do you mean, then?” I found many questions that digs deep into what he really thinks in his mind.

There are 27 questions in this article. However, most of the questions are very simple and they lead up Davidson to what he want to tell to audience. Thus, he talked about his experiences in childhood of what influenced him. He also talked about his previous artworks to review his background.

Davidson also talked about his friendship with Henri Cartier Bresson and other member of Magnum Photos. He said he learned techniques and styles from other photographers.

The questions lead Davidson to get exciting to talk about his photo book and the background. You could tell that he talks naturally in this interview. Nothing hurts you to read all 27 questions and answers about Davidson. Personally, now I feel I need to buy this photograph collection.

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