Cal Young is a safe place to live and a good place to observe nature.

By Matt DeBow

Stella Star frequents Bond Lane Park in the Cal Young Neighborhood to walk her two small dogs and says she feels safe walking around in the area.

Star moved from San Diego to the top of Kelly Butte in Springfield and recently moved again to the Cal Young Neighborhood in December. She moved here because her children and grandchildren live in the area. She said she felt the neighborhood was safer than other parts of Eugene and much safer than the Kelly Butte area.

Even though Star’s house was “tagged” within the first few weeks within moving to the  Cal Young area, she said she feels safer here.

“I feel safe to walk around and meet people,” Star said.

Star said the graffiti looked amateurish so she was not worried about crime in the area.

“It’s a really nice area and a good place to raise kids, but I wish it there was more cultural diversity like there is in San Diego.” Star said.

The two best things about the area according to Star are the ability to access several places on foot and the “old trees.”

Star added that it will be great when the bike bridge that will cross over Delta highway is completed.

Star said that the worst thing about the area is there are no “hippie grocery stores.” While there is a Market of Choice in the area, Star said she prefers Sundance Natural Food stores.

Phillip Brooks said the best part of the area was the nature found along the Delta Ponds restoration project on the East Bank Trail.

Brooks was using his binoculars to watch what he called a rather large turtle. Brooks said last year he saw several small turtles this year they are all large.

Brooks said “I saw three fish swimming with such joy . . .” that it would make a person wonder.

Brooks said he came to the area to watch nature 25-30 times this summer.

Since Brooks is not  a resident of Cal Young, he said there were no downsides with the area.

Deborah Heal, Vice President of the Cal Young Neighborhood Association, said the two best things about the neighborhood are the quality of the schools in the area and the accessibility to services.

Heal said the two worst things are the high crime rate and only having one bus route serve the area.

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