Thinking of Moving to the North Side of the River? Here Are Some Things to Consider.

by Evan Sernoffsky

Sheldon has a lot to offer. It just depends on what you are looking for. The area is known as a great place for shopping, a great place for families, and a perfect place to start building new property. For younger people though, Sheldon may leave something to be desired.

“This area is full of hard working families. People get up every day, send their kids off to school, and then go about their way conducting whatever they do to provide food, clothing and shelter for their families without complaining,” says George Poling, City Councilor for Ward 4 in Eugene.

The Willakenzie Grange is one of Sheldon's many hidden pieces of history.

There are also little bits of history that many people who don’t live in Sheldon ever consider. “If a person had the time, I am sure there would be little gems of knowledge and history about this area that would be most interesting,” says Poling.

Traffic on Coburg Road in Eugene is one of the area's drawbacks.

When asked about some of the drawbacks to the area, Poling acknowledges some issues that residents deal with. “Traffic would be the top of the list. Just take a look at Coburg Road anytime during the day. But on a positive note, there have been improvements over the years to address some of the congestion, including the redevelopment that has been going on from Oakway Road to Harlow Road,” he says.

The Delta Highway and Beltline intersection is one of the area's most frustrating places to merge.

The Delta Highway and Beltline intersection is notorious for car accidents.

Coburg Road is not the only problem area for traffic. The Delta Highway and Beltline intersection has one of the state’s highest incidence of crashes according to ODOT.

“When you are coming from the Northwest part of town it is brutal. Beltline is your only choice. When I have to drive home and it is raining, it seems like there is always a wreck,” says Evan Scarola, a delivery driver for Lochmead Dairy who lives in Sheldon and commutes to Junction City four times a week.

The nightlife north of the Willamette River is also difficult for young single people in the area. Residents who don’t have kids and want to stay out and have drinks have to go into downtown Eugene or campus area.

Evan and his fiancée Jessie Minniti-Shippey, are a young couple with no kids. They like to go out at night but don’t know a bar close to their house. “The cab ride from downtown is long and expensive,” says Jessie. “I wish there was somewhere we could go to down the street.”

About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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3 Responses to Thinking of Moving to the North Side of the River? Here Are Some Things to Consider.

  1. Jason A Williams says:

    There’s a Bar! The Side Bar is a new sports bar on Coburg right next to the new Burger King. Apparently it is the only bar in the entire Sheldon area.

  2. evan1983 says:

    That’s fantastic news. Sounds like a story right there. I think we better spend a few hours there checking the place out.

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