Quiet Hours Spend at Laurel Hill

By Maiko Ando

“Friendly, safe, and quiet.Those are the best thing in our neighbor,” said every resident with one mouth. People get along with others and that communication act as a safety net for the neighbor. Neighborhood-oriented hill makes the place more comfortable life.

“It’s close  to anywhere I want to go,” said Richard White, who owns two houses and lives in Laurel Hill for 30 years. At least the residents have a car; there are university, park, hospital, and grocery stores around. “No car turn a corner at speed, so I can let my child go for play,” said Heidi Doggwiler, who lives with her child. It’s more safety place especially for children. Of course a car runs around their neighborhood but drivers make the car go slow.

Although residents enjoy their life in Laurel Hill, there are some problems happening in recent years. “It really changed for last 10 years,” said Richard Pastor, who also lives here for a long time. Collage students are now moving to this area and every weekend they have party at their home. They eat and drink  outside of their house, so for the next morning there’s the remnants of food scattered around them.

Also another problem that’s bothering the neighbors is looming. Free way, I5, is close to their neighborhood thus people sometimes feel annoying of it, even though it’s known of quiet area. “Noise is always there,” Pastor said. All three residents agreed in this point.

Doggwiler also cited the problem for education. “We have university and collages but we have less high school here,” she said. Truly, children have not many choices for their school compared to other cities.

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