What Makes Sheldon Unique

by Evan Sernoffsky

Sheldon is a neighborhood with a pulse. It is one of Eugene’s fastest growing regions, but people who live there share a community that they say feels like its own small town. When people explore the area they are often surprised by what they find.

The Ferry Street Bridge is a gateway into one of Eugene’s largest neighborhoods. Cal Young, and Sheldon along with the unvarnished title of “Ferry Street Bridge Area” all refer to the vicinity that stretches north from the Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon. Springfield and Goodpasture Island Road act as the neighborhood’s frontiers to the east and west.

“It’s centrally located. It really is the center of Eugene. We’re 10 minutes away from everything. Before (in high school) it seemed like it was just my house and school. Now I need to get around to all parts of Eugene,” said Evan Scarola, a delivery driver for Lochmead Dairy, who lives in the Sheldon neighborhood.

Evan Scarola and Jessie Minniti-Shippey hang out at their home in Sheldon.

Jessie Minniti-Shippey, Evan’s fiancée, works from home as a massage therapist on Shilo Street right in the heart of Sheldon. “There are a ton of small neighborhood parks, great for families,” she said. “It’s convenient. A lot of people don’t know Ferry Street Bridge, but I know four other massage therapy home studios in the neighborhood.”

Living in Sheldon however, does have its drawbacks. “We have two neighbors who live super close but we never talk to them. We’ve lived here for two years and I don’t know their names. In South Eugene I feel like people are more social, but maybe it’s just because we don’t have kids,” said Jessie.

“Aside from Delta and Coburg it’s all residential. Our neighborhood is lacking in things to do. There’s no bar, that’s a problem,” said Evan.

Shopping and family are still two of the area’s most defining features. “Sheldon is a more vibrant part of Eugene. You have the Oakway Mall and a lot of younger families on this side of the river,” said Ryan Papé while playing with his son Charlie in the courtyard of the Oakway Center.

About evan1983

Evan Sernoffsky is a freelance journalist in Sacramento, California.
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