Media Analysis: How America Can Create Jobs (by Andy Grove)

Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel Inc., worries that companies like FoxConn are endangering American Jobs. photo by: Bret van Dijk (Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved)

Media Analysis by: Jason Williams

Article by: Andy Grove, published in Bloomberg Businessweek

In reading Andy Grove’s article on “How America Can Create Jobs” you can tell that the writing is by someone with a ton of experience in the field of high-tech industry. That is one of the reason this inside look at the tech industry works well.

In the second section of Grove’s commentary he gets a chance to explain what went wrong, but what makes this entire article become a piece that I want to keep reading is in the second graf. After explaining how Silicon Valley worked when it started, he goes on to show himself as the professional.

I am fortunate to have lived through one such example. In 1968 two well-known technologists and their investor friends anted up $3 million to start Intel (INTC), making memory chips for the computer industry.

Boom. Everyone knows Intel; it’s a brand that is in a huge percentage of our computers. By having the professional state what is wrong with the industry it gives it credibility. This is the equivalent of Steve Jobs writing an article on the state of design; we know his products are damn good-looking so we are going to trust everything that comes out of his mouth on this topic.

CEO’s have a unique position in our society so to read an article that takes such a drastic look at outsourcing is interesting; also to see a CEO call for Government fund Venture Capitalism is also interesting.

This article is also being directed towards a particular audience, the business person. But what makes this article cross lines into other demographics is the fact that it’s a CEO talking about American jobs, instead of outsourcing manufacturing we are seeing someone talk about keeping Americas strongest economic industry jobs (tech) jobs here on all levels.

About Jason A Williams

I am currently enrolled at the University of Oregon preparing to graduate in June of 2011. I love technology and am looking forward to establishing myself as professional in the industry. This blog is a collection of not only what I work on in class but it is also a way for me to write about what interests me most, technology.
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