closeness with neighbors

By Maiko Ando

Eugene, Ore- People live in Laurel Hill doing their own works at the very middle of the day. One gets some things sorted out for someone coming home, one plays with her child, and one does the lawn in his garden. Those fulfilling lives make the neighbor cohesive.

Richard White is a man who lives in Laurel Hill for 30 years. “Residents are friendly,” White said, and that’s one of the reasons he likes to reside at here for a long time. The neighbors periodically have neighborhood meeting every two or three months. White talked pleasantly about the meeting that every one shows up to the meeting and talk about their problems, kids growing, traveling, and recent event. “Because it’s rule of the Hill,” and that’s the tip to tie people together.

“We enjoy neighborhood-sponsored picnics and barbecue, and it’s great time to talk with people in this hill,” Heidi Doggwiler said who is a president of East-Side Homeowner Association. Most of the resident go for work during the day so not many chances to see each other to chat. Though, the events make an opportunity for residents to get closer.

People have the chance not only to share their personal stories but also talk about problem in the hill. “We keep eyes on each other,” Richard Pastor said. Roads are messed up with food packages, bottles, and other party stuff since the university and high school students increased in their neighbor. Also, the mail boxes sometimes are broken. They had discussed with the neighbors and decided to set locks on the mail boxes.

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