Cal Young, main streets are getting a face-lift while neighborhood streets crumble.

This street sign is commonplace among the neighborhood streets in Cal Young, where some streets still have not been paved.

By Jason Williams

Around just about every corner of the Cal Young Neighborhood there is construction, at least on the main roads, turn down roads though like Bond Lane or Roland Way and keep your eyes open for potholes.

As a result of rapid growth to the area from the 1950’s through the 1970’s, many of the area streets were left without sidewalks by developers. Some streets, like Snelling Drive near Crescent Avenue, sit unfinished due to city rules and one-time neighborhood defiance which leaves current residents frustrated by the lack of attention that city has paid to their streets.

“Narrow sidewalks, unimproved streets without street lights, unimproved streets without sidewalks, unimproved streets without parking and ‘twisty-street’ developments with no access to the area,” says Tonya Spears, the Neighborhood Association President when sharing her concerns over what doesn’t work in the neighborhood.

Construction crews just completed repaving Oakway Road, while Roland Way continues to deteriorate.

In neighborhoods the City of Eugene assesses(PDF) the residents of the street the amount to fix problematic streets, only the streets with a high amount of traffic volume can then be funded directly by the city. That means while repaving is happening on Oakway Road, unfinished and unsafe roads like Roland and Snelling will continue to deteriorate because they are ineligible for funding under the paving program.

“This is the best neighborhood in town,” says Oakway Road resident Brent Cole, “Thanks to stimulus money there are a lot of improvements and updated roadways, but it’s still lacking.”

Not all neighbors show concern though, “I think there’s only one street light on our street,” said Holly Anderson, “it doesn’t bother me cause it’s so nice and quiet you don’t feel like you need it.”

About Jason A Williams

I am currently enrolled at the University of Oregon preparing to graduate in June of 2011. I love technology and am looking forward to establishing myself as professional in the industry. This blog is a collection of not only what I work on in class but it is also a way for me to write about what interests me most, technology.
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