media analysis: “Five Boys”

By Maiko Ando

I read an article on the Intelligent Life Magazine written by Ian Jack, published in spring 2010. The article starts with a photo of five boys and two of them wear formal suits, which seems it has taken in old days. There are also individual picture of boys in the middle of article. These pictures attract readers’ attention not only because the quality of picture itself is famous but also the article is bound up with this picture and people in it.

In the nut graph, Jack introduces how the photography worked in our life when it became a common tool for ordinary families. He also explains how we took the role of camera in those old days. Then, the story goes with the background of why the photograph had taken and it goes into the detail. It is about the celebrities’ custom in UK. What the nut graph basically said is the basement of the story and fundamental information about the picture.

At the middle of the article, the form of writing changed to first-person for only a paragraph. In this paragraph he writes more personal experience from his research. The reason why he change the way he talked is to grab readers’ attention. Even though the content of article is interesting, tedious detail makes readers bored. He writes it detail of the days they spent in old days. This is similar form as I saw in chapter 6, detail and description.

After those details, he gives the profiles of each boy in the picture. He profiles what boys were doing at that time, when the picture had taken. For the last part, he talks about the life after the boys grown up and how they spend the left of the lives. This is basically chronology of one famous picture. The writer described the details and story step by step. The best thing of this article is Jack keeps abreast of the background and news thereafter.

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