Trainsong Atmosphere

By Virginia Rice

As the breeze picks up in Trainsong Park the screams of small children shouting “snow cones” is heard. At 3:30 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon the neighborhood youth program is in full swing while the KDUK radio station is playing over the surround system of the shed. A woman in a red shirt walking a small black dog comes walking through the park as the female adult counselor turns on the sprinkler for the kids to cool down from the blistering heat. Of the twelve children in the park two seek shade with the adult male counselor under a white tent next to the shed. The other children seek shade in a tree nearby or are play volleyball with the female counselor. The game ends with the opposing team to the counselor having won. She grabs a slip ‘n slide from the shed for a girl in a pink dress to take over to the sprinkler. Together they set it up as the male counselor begins to prepare snow cones for everyone there. By 4p.m. most of the snow cones have been demolished into flimsy paper cups tossed into trash cans. Two men in black and white shirts arrive with a woman pushing a stroller. They are evidently the parents of a few of the children and begin playing with them in the sprinkler. A little boy and girl in bathing suits emerge from the stroller to play in the sprinkler as the sun continues to beat down unmercifully.

By 4:15 p.m. the breeze has picked up and the combined smell of trash and sourdough bread comes waffling through the park as the parents and children continue to play. The music was changed by the female counselor from the radio to her own CD which she dances to with several of the children. By 4:20 p.m. most of the children have escaped from the heat into the shade of a large tree or the sprinkler. Two boys arrive several minutes later in a black car wearing all black with two skateboards. They head for the half pipes located next to the park as the children continue with their fun on the breezy summer day.

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