Rivalz Bar & Grill

Rivalz Bar & Grill

The black and white checkerboard tiles provide a foundation for nostalgia.  It wouldn’t be completely shocking to see Henry Winkler banging on the digital jukebox, which sits on the left-hand wall of the diner as soon as you walk in the door.

Menus for Rivalz Bar & Grill rest underneath the glass surface of each table.  The top of these menus let patrons know that the restaurant and bar are family owned and operated.  Today, the waitresses are wearing typical summer attire.  They’re in good, sometimes sarcastic moods.

One of the waitresses corrects a patrons mistaken reading of a t-shirt, which can be seen hanging to the left of the cash register and has a giant letter “O” placed above slightly smaller, but still uppercase “BAMA” letters.  This refers to the current president of the United States and not the southern state of Alabama. “It’s cool.  He’s the President of the United States.  No big deal.”  All in good fun.

A family of six are celebrating the day with ice cream at the table nearest the entrance.  The older couple, younger couple, and little boy are all wearing various shades of blue.  The infant girl flashes her rebellious side by sporting purple attire.

The little boy and his father walk over to the pinball machine, which sits off to the right, beside the doors that lead to the bathrooms, hoping to show a pirate-hatted Johnny Depp who’s boss.

Avast ye scallywags!

The little boy is too young to play the game, but that doesn’t stop him from “assisting” his dad.  He’s especially delighted when the pinball machine sings to him.

As the friendly blue army (and small purple rebel) prepare to leave, a shout of goodbyes can be heard between one of the waitresses and the family.  The waitress has to repeat herself more than once as she walks behind the doors that lead to the bathrooms.  The last exchange heard in the conversation are “Happy Birthday” and “Thanks”, reminding the Churchill Neighborhood that this establishment is family owned and operated.

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2 Responses to Rivalz Bar & Grill

  1. Justin says:

    It needs to flow better, and “to young to attempt a turn… but is trying anyway…” So, he’s trying to try? Also, how is the food?

  2. Jody Canaday says:

    Made a few tweaks and will try to go try and talk with my professor about getting rid of some of those unnecessary words. Also, the food was good and the beer was frothy.

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