Deborah Bloom: My Trainsong Experience

Writing about the Trainsong neighborhood was a fun and interesting experience. It reminded me of why I want to go into the business: to offer a voice to the disenfranchised.

When brainstorming for a good story about Trainsong, my research yielded several results about Train’s environmental history. Most recently, the news about Trainsong discussed a recently released study, by the Department of Environmental Quality, that showered contamination levels of indoor air in Trainsong to be lower than federal-regulated standards. So, I figured that was what I would write about: “Lower Than Standard Contamination Levels in Trainsong.”

But, upon my research, I had the pleasure of talking to some Trainsong residents who did not feel confident that their air was safe. I was stoked; suddenly I had a story that was more representative of Trainsong residents rather than the corporations that surround them. It was exciting to talk with these people and represent their point of view.

So my piece turned from a corporate-accountability story into a disenfranchised-community piece. It was great!

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