Summer in the Park

Summertime is a long awaited season for every kid suffering through the strenuous days in school all year. Sun shining, laughter, and endless outdoor activities fill the days of kids in every neighborhood, and is no different for those of Eugene’s West neighborhood Trainsong.

While wondering around the perimeter of the neighborhood, I noticed little activity in the streets; as the surrounding areas are full of RV sale lots, train yards and fast paced traffic. However, as I meandered further into the hub of the neighborhood, I heard the faint laughter of children, and blurred outlines of a good ol’ fashion game of tag down the street.

Upon reaching the site of amusement, I found a summer haven for kids to run and play. Trainsong Park located in the heart of the neighborhood is a main attractor for summer activities, as it offers a play structure, skate park, open field, and basketball courts.

For the longest time, Trainsong was a neighborhood typically avoided by families, and especially children, but in the past several months with summer on the rise, kids have been spending their afternoons running endlessly around the recreational area.

In most part I attribute this to Eugene summer program called Fun For All, which gives young kids a place to go during the day to interact with peers, and neighbors. This is a great program for kids whose parents possibly work all day and have little options for supervision.

Trainsong has been seeing big improvements in neighborhood connectivity and safety in the recent months, and shows great promise for the years to come.

Written By Tucker Leverton

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