Media Analysis, “Agency Agreed Wildlife Risk From Oil Was ‘Low'”

This article came from the science section in the New York Times. The author of this article is Leslie Kaufmann. This article describes the oil leases in the gulf and what the law allows oil drillers to work on. The author describes the many criticisms the Minerals Management Service decisions on future oil drills in the Gulf . This article is four pages long and is full of scientific information that the author had to research in order to get her facts right. Like the National Geographic article that I analyzed last week, the sources that Kaufmann uses are directly placed inside the text. Every time she uses a quote she mentions who says it, who they are, and also how she received the information. Also, when using information from other websites she places in-text hyperlinks to the pages to justify her conclusions in her story. This makes it very easy for the reader to follow if they want to receive more information, and also makes Kaufmann credible for her conclusions. What is helpful also is the NYT places similar articles to read next to this article when it is opened, that way readers can receive greater information.

Photo from NYT article

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I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, with a focus in advertising. I also have a minor in Geology. I am very concerned with environmental and animal issues, both locally and worldwide. My current blog is for my Reporting 1 class at the university. Our class of 13 writes and posts blogs daily regarding issues in Eugene neighborhoods.
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