Construction in Laurel Hill Valley

EUGENE – In the small, suburban neighborhood of Laurel Hill Valley there is the original Laurel Hill Park that has been a part of the neighborhood for many years. It is a great place for kids to play and is a family-friendly environment. YMCA camp groups continuously visit the park where the kids can play and get fresh air.

However, there is another park under construction that is going to be another place for families to visit. The new park is the Moon Mountain Park and is planning on being finished by the end of the summer.

Sandy Tilcock, the citizens chair of Laurel Hill Valley, says that, “the park is in land only and is not very accessible at this point. That is for the future.” She did not know a lot about the status of the park, but more on the bridge that is currently being built in the neighborhood. Tilcock says, “right now I would say the biggest issue for Laurel Hill is the new bridge project. It impacts our valley considerably.”

The family neighborhood is seeing a lot of construction that many hope to be done quickly.

About brookebarthol

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, with a focus in advertising. I also have a minor in Geology. I am very concerned with environmental and animal issues, both locally and worldwide. My current blog is for my Reporting 1 class at the university. Our class of 13 writes and posts blogs daily regarding issues in Eugene neighborhoods.
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