Churchill Reaction

When I fist stepped foot in Churchill it seemed a little run down and not to have a whole lot of action going on. The business mall was empty and going out of business. The high school was quiet from the summer. But as I stepped into the Churchill Sports Park it all changed.

When warm weather hits people go outside and the park in Churchill is such a great place to go. There are tennis court, play structures, soccer and baseball fields. The park also host many events for the summer for Eugene Park & Rec. Later in the summer there will be movies in the park, pick-up games of Ultimate, and skate park competitions. There is definitely going to be some action in the sports park.

However, the park also brings other crowds. There are teens just our of school for the summer and homeless camping under trees. This is not a bad thing by any means, but it show the culturally diversity of the neighborhood and the park itself. I walked around the park and could get an opinion from just about any demographic. Young or old. Rich or poor. There is a wealth of information in the people at this park.

I find it strange though, the park it so active, yet the business across the street are dead and the high school down the street is silent. There is life and news in the Churchill neighborhood. You just need to know where to look. With some luck, I can find more places like the Churchill Sports Park.

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