The iPhone 4 Problems

By Virginia Rice

iPhone 4 signal fault leaves Apple ‘stunned’

Page last updated at 14:38 GMT, Friday, 2 July 2010 15:38 UK

By Daniel Emery
Technology reporter, BBC News

Daniel Emery’s article “iPhone 4 signal leaves Apple ‘stunned’” on details the flaws of the newest iPhone 4 that was released June 24th in the United States. Apple, the maker of the iPhone and other apple devices such as Mac computers and iPods, is under heavy scrutiny for the several design errors their highly anticipated iPhone 4 contains.

This article, though short, sums concisely the errors of the iPhone and the solutions that the company has proposed. For its briefness, I believe this article still does a good job of getting to the point without over analyzing or providing too few details. The title lets you know which specific error this story addresses, as there have been several recognized. Emery provides the problem, the reason for the problem, and the solution proposed within the first four sentences, while still keeping the reader’s attention.

The subhead of the article goes more into detail about Apple specifically will fix the problem of low signal bars. Though it is probably a technology problem that is advanced beyond the common reader’s understanding, Emery explains how the display on the iPhone 4 was just created wrong and though the signal bars say they are low, users are actually getting full service.

The other main problem with iPhone 4 is the location of the antenna can be covered by the user’s hand, causing them to lose signal. Apple has yet to create a solution for this, but Emery does mention that Apple is allowing for a 30-day return policy.

This article addresses the problem and provides not only the solution that Apple is proposing but also what users can do if they have a problem, such as contact Apple or take advantage of the return policy. It is short and to the point, providing just enough context to keep readers attention throughout the article. It also compares to HTC products which Verizon carries, making the audience of the article larger than just iPhone users. The only thing I think this article could have used was some user first accounts of their experience with the iPhone so far. That would have provided a balance for the quotes. However, there is a video included which provides for a more all around approach to the subject. The video shows how the blocked signal can be caused by holding the phone a certain way. The video takes a more opinionated approach and questions why Apple would allow for such a large design flaw. The solution for this problem is to buy a ‘bumper’ for the phone, which costs more money.

The article leaves the conclusion open because for now Apple isn’t really certain how they will fix the antenna problem. They plan to create a patch fix for the signal bars but for now there are no definite decisions. Emery plays with the use of video to provide context in develops what I would call a good piece of multimedia.

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