Media analysis: “Military-led Guinea holds first free election since 1958”

By Maiko Ando

For my second media analysis, I read “Military-led Guinea holds first free election since 1958” written by the CNN Wire Staff, published on, on June 27th 2010. The first free election news must become a historically red-letter day for the Guinean.


First, a picture on the top of the article grabs my attention. This shot shows the huge poster which is advocating the free election. The poster includes other countries’ flags at the bottom, which had been supported until Guinea holds this free election. A woman sitting next to the poster seems to be relaxed because even though a policeman walks in front of her, she makes no move to be scared. A picture, one of essential media tools, sometimes gives an impressive idea and story to readers. To be honest, one of the reasons why I chose this article is this picture.

In first sentence, a writer brought a quote of “With successful elections, a democracy will be born, and all Guineans together will have together taken a giant step forward,” by Patricia Newton Moller, to sum up the story below. This sentence gives me a strong impression that Guinea did not have democracy, and even free.

From the next part, the writer explains the historical background of Guinea. Also, he gives us the basic information of previous presidents and how they took their place. Providing this process of the election, I get to know what the country of Guinea is. For my understanding, Guinea is only one of African countries and used to a French colony. I had nothing more information than that.

The writer picks up the most significant event, military attack, which happened in September 2009. According to this article, more than 150 people died and 1000 people are injured. The writer tells more detail on this happening because this caused the changing of politics in Guinea in somehow.

In this article, I see a number of sources which the writer is introducing by using “according to ~”.  This reminds me that many organizations and countries are getting engaged in supporting Guinea. Also, the article was good length and enough to know the news detail in Guinea.

The writer ends up with the current social conditions of Guinea. For my comprehension, the writer implies the question how the next president will deal with policy issues in a period ahead. Besides, I’m already looking forward to who will be elected for a new era.

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