A Neighborhood Facelift in Much Need

Trainsong residents are finding that the property values of their homes are finding new lows in relation to both pollution, and overall attention to curb appeal. Although this fall in property value began over three years ago, according to a 2007 article by the Register-guard, the locals have seen little improvement, and must now come together as a community.

From a real-estate aspect, Trainsong harbors some of the least expensive homes, and lowest property values within Eugene’s city limits according to an article written in The Register-Guard, and in most part has been attributed to the nearby train yard, and the pollution that accompanies the large industrial section of land in the hearth of the neighborhood. Polluted groundwater from the train yard has given many locals reason to be concerned about the sink in property value, however is that the only thing driving Trainsong further down the value charts?

Well working communities thrive on teamwork to keep areas safe, clean, and thriving with potential. However when faced with a majority of low-income family homes, as well as little employment within the local vicinity, neighborhoods are often times slowly being torn apart—in most cases unbeknownst to residents until it is too late.

According to Zillow, an online real-estate monitoring tool, the Trainsong neighborhood values have dropped, and continue in that pattern by a tenth of a percent in the just the past year. Although it seems insignificant, the drop is fairly consistent, which causes many concerns to surrounding neighbors.

As with any well-oiled machine, it needs attention, and care. With the summer monthsbringing more people out onto the streets, it becomes more important to keep neighborhoods, clean and safe for its community members.

Written By Tucker Leverton

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