Vendors Display Their Wares at Art and the Vineyard at Alton Baker Park

By Matt DeBow

A Balloon Twister (or balloon animal artist), a women who makes furniture for pets, a traditional ceramist and a winemaker all displayed or made their goods at Art in the Vineyard.

Art and the Vineyard started today in Alton Baker Park where vendors displayed their art, had the public taste their wine and were also there to entertain.

“I think (Art and the Vineyard) is great. I have to stay to in the booth, but the vineyard component makes it special and delicious. It’s great to know it supports Maude Kerns (Art

Julie Reisner displays her ceramic dishes at the venue. Reisner says all her pieces are "custom and one of a kind."

Center),” said Julie Reisner, who makes ceramic dishes.

According to Reisner, every piece she makes is unique. It was Reisner’s first year at Art and the Vineyard with her own booth, but has years of experience exhibiting her work.

Angela Mancini crafts furniture tailored for people and pets.

Angela Mancini, owner of Shopdog Woodworks, said it was her first time having a booth at Art and the Vineyard.

“My accountant has been raving about (the event) for years, but this was the first time I put in an application for a booth,” said Mancini.

Mancini uses salvaged wood from the Eugene/Springfield area to create wood furniture for people and pets including a “doggie diner.”

According to Mancini, the “doggie diner” is good for cats and dogs health because it raises the food to the animal’s natural level, which aids digestion.

Jay Westley, co-owner of Marks Ridge winery, said it was his second year having a wine tasting booth at the venue.

Jay Westley and his wife Janet Westley, the other co-owner, farm the vineyard in Sweet Home, Oregon and also make the wine there.

Jay Westly and his wife, Janet Westley, own Marks Ridge Winery in Sweet Home, Oregon. This year was their second year with a booth at Art and the Vineyard.

Jay Westley said the event was “very good and last year was our very first year here.”

From the face-painting, to the kids stage, to the man making balloon animals there was something for the whole family to do.

Harvey Isgur, Balloon Twister, wandered around Art and the Vineyard making balloon animals for children.

Harvey Isgur wears a balloon hat that reads: "one dollar per balloon." Isgur started making balloon animals five years ago.

Isgur started making balloon animals five years ago and has worked at several events in Oregon including: Eugene’s Saturday Market, the Rhododendron Festival and the Blackberry Jamboree

Despite a few sprinkles in the morning, few people were concerned about the weather.

“30% chance of rain is not much of a chance,” said Reisner referring to the weather report.

“It’s supposed to get nice,” said Jay Westley, the event is “just starting by tonight and tomorrow this (place) should be filled with people.”

Isgur said “if it gets warm I’ll have to take this long sleeve (T-Shirt) off.”

The event is sponsored by Maude Kerns Art Center. The event originally started as an art auction 27 years ago.

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