Trainsong: on the up rise, or downfall?

For most, Trainsong is a neighborhood less traveled, is it because of the lack of business, or the decrepency of architecture? It’s hard to tell, but what is known is that this neighborhood of West Eugene is one full of stories, and limited funding.

The neighborhood is centered around Trainsong park which features a playground for children, as well as a novice skatepark catering to all age groups.

Appropriately named, Trainsong is surrounded by the railroad tracks which digest a great amount of Eugene imports and exports.

Although filled with good people. the neighborhood is flooded with transients using the railways as transport, and little community assemblance unite the small community, leaving it scattered with littered land-mines for unexpected encounters.

Thriving with potential, the Trainsong neighborhood exhibits stereotypical deceptions of the downfall of inner city lifestyles.

Written By Tucker Leverton

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